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Archiving a classroom

You can archive classrooms that you no longer plan on using. If a classroom is archived, you cannot create new assignments or make changes to existing ones. Students will be unable to accept invitations to assignments in archived classrooms as well. A classroom can be unarchived at any time.

Archiving from the classroom settings

  1. Sign in to GitHub Classroom.
  2. Select the classroom you wish to archive.
  3. Navigate to Classroom settings within GitHub Classroom.
  4. Scroll down and click the Archive classroom button. archive classroom button
  5. A modal will open with additional details. Click Archive classroom on the modal to confirm. archive classroom modal

Archiving from the classroom listing page

  1. Sign in to GitHub Classroom.
  2. From the classrooms home page, invoke the options menu for the classroom you’d like to archive by clicking on the three dots. archive classroom ellipsis
  3. Select Archive classroom. classroom dropdown menu