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GitHub Classroom Assistant

Download all of your GitHub Classroom assignments in one click.

Classroom Assistant is a desktop application to help you get student repositories for grading.

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Download for macOS or Windows

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GitHub Classroom

GitHub Classroom

The workflow developers use, whether you have five students or 500.

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Developers rarely work all by themselves, on a deadline, or ship something they’ll only use once (with no idea whether it actually works). Wouldn’t students be better served by showing versions of their work, iterating, checking in on milestones, and showing off the final product?

With GitHub Classroom you can set up the industry-standard workflow and free up your time to focus on teaching. GitHub Classroom will automatically create student repositories, track assignments in your dashboard and integrate with third-party tools like automated testing.

With GitHub Classroom, you can spin up your course on GitHub and move on to the good stuff.

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